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You’ve been Cornered!
Ever notice how we do funny ha-ha or funny weird things when Cornered?
Cornered focuses on our reaction to being backed into those
tight little corners. Along with fight or flight there’s the “funny” response that can come to the rescue in times of stress. Who knew?

Cornered finds humour in the situation.

We’re not always sure what to do when Cornered so we fake it to make it. The results are often awkward, surprising, hilarious or even helpful and healing. Hey, that boil ain’t gonna lance itself.

Cornered sometimes ventures into ‘what if’ territory.
Which is helpful when you need to think differently or get out of your own way for a moment.

Eventually, all the excuses, rationalizations, crazy attempts to control or defend lead you here. Cornered, with no way out – you just gotta laugh.

All of which is my way of saying, thanks for popping by, hope you enjoy.

  1. -Mike Baldwin

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Bob Mankoff was The New Yorker cartoon editor as well as a prolific cartoonist himself.  Together, Joel and Bob have created an amazing cartoon hub. They have a huge archive of my work, offer quick licensing on most simple uses and have a great search engine.

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